Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Don’t Just Manage Your Life, Style It! 

Robin’s life style services include event styling, adventure planning and wardrobe consulting.

Don’t Just Manage Your Life, Style It!

Creative Tailoring

With some creativity and a great tailor, anything is possible! Let Robin help you turn a skirt into a gorgeous strapless dress, turn a pantsuit into a skirt suit or just simply make your clothes fit your body better. 

Art Gallery Openings


Creative events call for unique looks. Let Robin show you how to use your personal style to create an outfit to compliment virtually any art event. 

Glamping-Themed Parties 


A fun glamping (glammed up camping for those not in the know) theme is perfect for unique birthdays, anniversaries and even wedding showers. Let Robin help you source the perfect location, dishes and outdoor décor to really bring the theme to life.  

Rhode Island Wedding Venues 


Every wedding deserves a breathtaking venue. With your style and budget in mind, Robin can help you find a beautiful East coast location for your big day in Rhode Island.

Wyoming Adventure Outfits 


Whether you’re planning on rafting, hiking, glamping or all of the above in Wyoming—packing the right items can make it a comfortable adventure. Robin knows exactly the type of clothing, equipment and little odds and ends you’ll need.

Wyoming Rafting Trips


Gather your friends and family and head out on the Wyoming rapids! From researching the best locations to finding the best guides, Robin can help you plan a rafting trip you’ll remember forever. 

Montana Adventures


Whether you’re planning a special birthday trip, unique girls’ getaway or simply a long weekend, Montana has plenty of activities to keep you busy. Robin can help you research, book and create the perfect itinerary full of ATV tours, river rafting, horseback riding and rifle ranges.    

Montana Adventure Outfits  


When you’re planning on going on an outdoor adventure, packing the right clothing items is crucial for a good time. From water shoes to bug repellent shirts and skorts (yes, they exist!) – let Robin help you pack practical and fashionable items.

Outdoor Adventure Gear


If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, you’ll need the right wardrobe. From sunglasses to footwear, let Robin help you put together a fun and fashionable packing list. 

Alaskan Wilderness Trips 


From up-close bear viewing to glacier trekking and plenty of helicopter rides in between, trips to the Alaskan wilderness are true adventures. Let Robin help you plan a truly memorable trip to Alaska.