Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Heat Alert!

I know most of us are just about to head into spring but we can still experience a wind chill in the air. As your life stylist, I recommend always being prepared. So today, I’d like to recommend a heated vest by Ororo for your comfort and warmth. 


I first learned of the Ororo heated vest from a friend who’s an avid skier (and quite good!) in Sun Valley. She gets cold easily like me and she said, “why not use it when you play golf?” Genius! 


So as I was planning my golf trip to Bandon Dunes, Oregon where the winds are fierce and the rain is icy cold, I thought I'd pick up this stylish heated vest. It’s a tight-fitting quilted vest with a small battery pack. I, at first, thought it would be bulky and uncomfortable but I gave it a go and I could actually swing the golf club. Ha! 


Funny enough when I played at Bandon Dunes there wasn't a spot of rain or wind to be found. So the heated vest did not get any use. On the flip side, it was an amazing five days of golf with a gorgeous backdrop of the Oregon Coast. I completed #65 on my list of new golf courses as part of my quest and loved every minute of it. The vest will definitely be worn when I go to Scotland to play golf!


Questions about the vest and how to style it? Just Ask!