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Everything You Need to Know About Judith August Cosmetic Solutions

In this RSVP guest blogger series, I’ve interviewed founder and creator, Judith August of Judith August Cosmetic Solutions. I discovered her products years ago while reading a beauty magazine article about The Everything Pencil™. It came at an opportune time, too, because I was in need of a cover-up for a bruised leg. I immediately ordered the pencil and fell in love with the results. If you’d like to see other uses of this pencil, please view my make-up tips video and read more here about what Judith August has to say about her fabulous makeup line.


Robin: What inspired you to create your own beauty line?

Judith: After a 15 year career as a fashion model in Los Angeles and New York, I wanted to explore working in the cosmetic field. My first business project was the creation of a charming uptown cosmetic boutique in New Orleans, which I ran for 10 years. I called it “Let’s Face It”.

Moving back to Los Angeles, I spent many years as a cosmetic consultant to small independent cosmetic companies in product development, marketing and training of makeup artist and distributors. One of my very favorite projects was working as a consultant to plastic surgeons in the area of cosmetic training and cosmetic application. 

I remember dragging bags full of foundations, concealers, creams and color around with me as I created a “new look” for patients after their cosmetic procedures. My dream was to develop simple cosmetic products that were effective and easy to use. It was through this work that I developed my very first product, The Everything Pencil™, an amazing little tool that simply covered up everything. 

Doctors’ wanted to buy these pencils to give to their patients, as a gift after surgery and then the patients themselves called and asked for more. In 1986, Allure magazine featured The Everything Pencil™ as Editors Choice, and the pencil was an instant hit. A business was born!


R:  What’s the most rewarding part of your career?

J: I created the first cosmetic concealer pencil under a “brand name” and have consequently developed many more products that cover up and conceal problems that people face every day. The theme of my business is that “everybody’s got something to hide” and this statement covers those with simple annoying flaws to serious coverage. The rewarding part of my career is that I have been in business for 30 years and was able to help so many find an answer to looking and feeling better about themselves.


R: What’s the most challenging part of your career?

J: Staying focused and not paying attention to all the competition out there. When I first started in the business, very few specialized in “corrective cosmetics”. I had the knowledge and background and I knew if I just put my “nose to the grindstone” I had to get somewhere. The best thing I did was to focus on great products with great ingredients that really worked. I found the most wonderful chemists who listened to what I wanted and didn’t simply give me “cookie cutter” formulas. All my resources went into development. I never advertised, and “word of mouth” became my best secret to growth. It took a little longer, but it was worth it.


R: What’s some advice for other female entrepreneurs?

J: Keep on walking the path. We are very lucky to be in an industry that welcomes female entrepreneurs. Who doesn’t like the world of cosmetics? However, it isn’t just the fun of “making pretty, it is also hard work to create a business.  Concept, packaging, marketing, selling and distribution and the one word I listed before is staying FOCUSED!


R: If you could only bring 5 beauty products to a deserted island, what would they be?

J: 1) My Everything Pencils: I have them with me wherever I go. I use them as a concealer, (of course), highlighter/contour, eye shadow and cheek color as well. 

2) Mascara is always a blessing. Today Laura Mercier’s is my favorite because I love the brush that makes the lashes so natural looking and with its tiny tip it doubles as an eyeliner.

3)My Fabulous Finish Foundation! It’s an all in one crème to powder foundation that evens out and brightens skin tone. It goes on silky smooth and can also double as an under-eye concealer. 

4) Sunscreen…lots and lots! 

5)My Killer Cleanser – Total Makeup Remover. It lifts off makeup and dirt and helps soften mascara and removes waterproof makeup. It also doubles as an allover body crème to moisturize dry skin!


R: What’s a classic beauty tip that will never go out of style?

J: Many classic beauty tips can be found in my book “Gotcha Covered – The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup”. The oldest “tried and true” tips still work best. Ice Tea bags and cucumber slices for swollen eyes, scotch tape/frownies/furlesse for frown lines, and letting each product you put on your face absorb for at least a minute before applying another.  Layering products is most effective and makeup will stay on longer.

R: What are some of the blogs and Instagrams you follow?

J: There are so many blogs and Instagram’s I follow, but here are some of my favs:


Robin Laub <- Isn’t she brilliant!

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R: Are you working on anything new this year?

J: I’m fortunate to have launched a new website this year, which is a fundraiser for Type 1 Diabetes. All profits from the sale of EraseZit products will be donated to JDRF (formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). I wouldn’t have been able to do this project if it weren’t for the business I have now.  Check it out here!

I hope you enjoyed this interview! If you or another stylish person you know would like to be considered as a guest blogger on The Report, Just Ask!