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RSVP Guest Blogger Series: Anne Saimeri

Full discloser, I’ve known this RSVP Guest Blogger my entire life. Literally. She’s my sister! Anne currently owns her own yoga business and practices as a certified yoga teacher in Cape Cod. She’s a teacher at heart, a nature lover, and truly loves people. I’d love for you to get to know her and take one of her classes  in person or over Zoom. 


Robin: How did you first get into yoga? Did Someone recommend it to you?

Anne: My sister Robin (aka you!) brought me to my very first yoga class in California. In a hot room, with many gymnastic-type poses, she in the front row very serious, and I in the back row chuckling to myself while getting adjusted by the teacher to humble me. I did not like yoga and yet it brought me something, something I couldn’t explain, something that brought me back to try again. I began taking yoga consistently in 2006. Now I know and am grateful to practice such a life-changing movement.


R: What’s your favorite yoga pose?  

A: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana is my favorite pose. In Sanskrit, utthita means stretched, hasta means hand, pada means foot, angustha means big toe and asana means posture or pose. Standing, holding one leg with the same side hand to foot with an added variation of looking to the side while balancing on one leg, a straight leg up in the air. It’s challenging to utilize balance and focus with a soft even breath. At 61 yrs old, my flexibility is better than my days of teaching and coaching gymnastics. I am grateful for this growth in movement with breath as I have scoliosis and osteoporosis in my lower back. This practice of yoga keeps me healthy, strong, mobile, and calm ready to tackle any obstacle without reaction.


R: Why do I like the color pink?

A: When I was a little girl I was always asked, “ what is your favorite color?” I always said pink! As I grew older, I used this same question with my gymnasts or young school children to bring comfort to those who were shy or nervous to come into a class with children they didn’t know. It brought a smile to their face and a quick sense of confidence to try new things. Self-confidence is the key to developing into a healthy confident adult.


R: Why is proper alignment so important in yoga?

A: Proper alignment is the most important factor in safety with our physical body. In keeping it healthy and free from injury, proper alignment allows the freedom of reaching our edge without going over the edge, keeping us safe and confident to practice this spirit/mind/body yoga practice with consistency, commitment, and contentment. One feels better in an asana when in proper alignment. The breathing becomes balanced, the work begins to fade and the practice becomes delightful rather than difficult to attain.


R: How is teaching yoga via Zoom different than in person?

A: Zoom yoga became a phenomenon during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yogis began to leave the studio in fear of getting sick or hospitalized with this new and unknown virus. At first, I was very nervous! I had to make sure my voice was heard far away from the computer. I had to make sure my clothing was not loose brushing along the mic. I had to mute all before beginning class to eliminate outside noises in the home to distract others on the screen. When I cracked a joke and usually fed off the laughter of others, I only heard myself. I had to dig deeper into my being to connect all once again, but differently. I had to make sure my whole body was visible on the screen at all times. Lastly, I had to teach to a camera, in an empty room without the physical energy guiding a beautiful practice to involve all students. But now after two years of practicing yoga via Zoom, I have found an inner connection with taking time before class on the computer, opening up the Zoom a half hour before class for anyone who wants to get on and share their story. It’s been a life-changer for all.  People are feeling connected like never before, able to just get up and practice in their pj's and not have to drive anywhere or be anywhere to practice yoga. I’m receiving positive feedback and new members all the time as we transition into a new normal of many choices to practice yoga! 


R: Do you have any advice for yoga newbies looking to start their practice?

A: My advice for new people wanting to try yoga is this…step out of your comfort zone. Google yoga studios in your area or go online to try a yoga class for free. Then Google a yoga teacher in your area, or just go to my website. We all have this one life to live, let’s do this and experience all new things we never thought would ever be in our space with love and kindness through just being here noticing all the small stuff.  And yes, it’s ALL small stuff…indeed. 


Be sure to visit Anne’s website. And, here are some more fun facts about her background in teaching…


She has her BS from Springfield College in Community Services, Business, and Sociology

She was a collegiate gymnast and was on the dance team

She’s been a business owner of a sports facility (2000-2011), dance instructor (1982-2001), a USA Gymnastics coach and judge (1982-2001), and an owner/director of a MA licensed preschool (2006-2011)

She’s been a Yogi since 2006

Has 200-hr RYT from the Boston Yoga School w/ Ame Wren + International Teachers (2015)

She’s been Radiant Child Kid's Yoga certified since 2016 

She’s the Ocean Edge Resort yoga teacher in Brewster, MA (2016-present) and the former Yoga teacher at Orleans Yoga in Orleans, MA (2015-2020)

And most importantly, she’s a mother of four beautiful children and a grandmother (Mimi) to grandbaby Harper