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RSVP Guest Blogger Series – Jon Gregalis

Another great guest blogger has RSVP’d! Jon Gregalis is a public relations professional in Boston, Massachusetts who’s style mantra is classic with a dash of new. He offers his style insight and counsel to clients on the weekends at Bonobos men’s clothing store off Newbury Street. Although he works in consumer technology and marketing technology public relations, don’t let that fool you. His passion for consumer and lifestyle brands fuels his seven-day workweek. I suggest taking Jon’s advice below and helping the special men in your life spruce up their spring/summer wardrobes.

Take it away, Jon!

The Gentlemen’s 101: Spring With a Side of Unusual

Before May flowers begin blossoming, it’s a fantastic time for a guy to make a quick stop by his local clothier to pick up a few core items in seasonal colors, patterns and styles. Below are some of the hot trends on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts!

1. Color

This season, the fellas aren’t relying on their Nantucket red pants or neon colored pastel shorts to make a statement at the country club or local pub. No, this season, they’re embracing subtle pops of colors.

I have the great fortune of working at a local men’s clothing store on Boston’s famous—or infamous, depending how you view it—Newbury Street. I have the pleasure of working with each of my clients and helping him refresh his wardrobe just in time for the turn of the season. To my surprise, it’s not the rose pink shorts or cotton candy blue pants that are flying off the shelves—no, it’s lavender! This dark horse, if you will, has been the most sought after hue in our store, for both tops and bottom. For many of my guys, the color is just enough “pop” to help them stand out in the crowd.

A subtle hint of lavender in this season’s wardrobe is sure to compliment any gent’s closet. Pairing perfectly with any shade of khaki, this seasonal hue provides a welcome spot of color when partnered with a classic navy blazer or even a linen jacket. I recommend a quality Oxford-style button-down in this season’s hot color. It’s the perfect balance of professional and fun.

2. Suiting

It’s a fantastic time to refresh suiting. If not a full suit, then at least a versatile blazer is worth the investment—especially for those who are traveling regularly on the road. Seek out the linen, cotton or wool-blend suiting available at your favorite retailer. These materials will offer enough weight without causing a sweat.

I’m particularly intrigued by the unconstructed blazer I’ve seen at my shop and other storefronts in the neighborhood. Basically, these blazers lack the traditional canvas interior and silk lining of the average suit. Instead, because they’re one layer, they make for great travel blazers and accompaniments for warm weather travel. A few of my clients have picked one up as they get ready to jet off for warm weather conferences or weddings.

3. Patterns

Don’t let your spring and summer wardrobe be drowned out by your winter blues and fall khakis. Introduce some patterns this season as a way to break up the solids you already own. Gingham continues to be the hottest pattern in town, but you’ll see more polka dot, check and geometric print crop up as the weather heats up.

Subtle patterns make for amazing accompaniments. I’ve advised my clients to pick up a patterned shirt to pair with their classic blue jeans or solid, traditional shorts. It’ll offer depth to any gent’s closet and allow him to really stand out in the crowd.

Having a wardrobe dilemma? No worries at all—Just Ask Robin or myself for help!

You can find Jon on LinkedIn and Twitter at @jongregalis.