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RSVP Guest Blogger Series – Shapin with Sunita

One of my favorite west coast fitness guru’s has RSVP’d to be a guest on The Report. And take it from me, her fitness hikes are exceptional! And remember, if you need help putting together a hiking outfit or an “R” bag with the necessary hiking essentials, Just Ask! 

My first Zumba class was taught by an instructor named Sunita. Shapin with Sunita, that is! I was enthralled by her sassy hip movements while doing the salsa that I just HAD to learn the moves not like Mick Jagger, but like Sunita! So that’s what I did and I learned how to shake-it like Sunita. She’s filled with countless amounts of energy and always has a smile on her face.

Born in Nepal and raised in a small Himalayan town named Kalimpong in Northern India, Sunita’s love for the outdoors and staying fit started early in life. She’s been teaching and training for over eight years and currently offers personal training and monthly fitness hikes to various locations in and around the Bay Area through her Shapin’ with Sunita business.

Check out the fun Q&A I did with her…

Robin: What prompted you to be a fitness instructor?
Sunita: The love for teaching and staying fit was one of the reasons I wanted to be a fitness instructor. After five successful years as an elementary school teacher, I put my career on hold to focus on raising my twins 13 years ago. Once my kids were school age, I began my fitness business that brought together my love for teaching and my passion for fitness.

R: What’s a typical day for you?
S: Most of my training sessions are from 9am-1pm Monday–Friday and I teach evening group classes two days a week. I block out time during the day to work from home.

R: What type of fitness classes and programs do you offer?
S: Zumba, bootcamps and fitness hikes. My Zumba routine combines Latin dance moves and interval training that tones and sculpts the body while burning fat. My bootcamp is a no fluff, no frill conditioning class that is full of cardio and strength training. I focus on toning and sculpting exercises for upper and lower body, with a special emphasis on core strength.  And, my fitness hikes are a great way to get a workout that is completely different from your everyday routine. My all inclusive guided hikes are for small groups and take place in majestic locations in and around the Bay Area. During the hike, I provide information about the surroundings and its history. It’s a great way to meet people and socialized while getting a great workout.

R: How do you keep your fitness training knowledge up to date?
S: I attend fitness conventions on a yearly basis for continuing education and I also attend fitness workshops to better myself.

R: How important is nutrition to you in creating clients' regimens?
S: It’s very important. I offer healthy nutrition advice and handouts on a regular basis to my clients. Students frequently check my Facebook page for recipes and ideas.

R: What are your go-to foods and meals during a busy day?
S: I always have a snack bag with oranges, an apple and mixed nuts to keep me going during the day. My quick meals during the day include a healthy sandwich with colorful veggies and protein.

R: How do you keep yourself and your clients motivated?
S: I keep my clients motivated by always switching up the workouts, keeping it interesting, and challenging. This allows them to never get bored. I keep myself motivated by working out six days a week and reading up on current fitness articles.

R: What training regimen would you offer a client who says they strictly want to lose weight?
S: I would plan a program that consists of cardio, weights, core and abdominal workouts. In order to lose weight, one needs to have a well-rounded total body workout.

R: What are some questions you should ask a trainer before working with them?
S: How well will my trainer plan a program to fit my health and fitness goals? What kind of program will my trainer help me in creating a plan that I can workout on my own when not with my trainer? It’s also important to see testimonials from other clients.

R: How would some of your clients describe your training style?
S: My clients enjoy my total body workout that focuses on arms, legs, back, abs and core. They like that my workouts have little or no break in between workouts. Plus, they enjoy that the workouts are both challenging and new. 

R: What’s your fitness philosophy?
S: There is a great sense of satisfaction in being able to do what you love best and at the same time inspire and motivate others to achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health.

R: What are some new fitness ideas on the horizon for you?
S: Weekend fitness retreats that include workouts, hikes, nutrition workshops, and mind & body workshops.

Sunita instills the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle to her kids, students, and clients alike. Her approach is focused, patient, and encouraging as she strives to keep workouts as positive and enjoyable as possible. Learn more at