Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

East Coast Trip - Part 2

After a great stop on the Eastern seaboard, it was time to head to NYC. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Manhattan and I discovered some great new spots in the Chelsea neighborhood that I just have to share with you! 


The Moore Hotel

Again, I’m leaning toward another “no frills” hotel (no bar/restaurant, no bellman, etc.) I don’t know why, but they keep creeping up and this one is a true find. It’s located right down the street from my daughter’s place, so not only was it convenient, I nabbed the best room in the hotel. When I made this reservation months ago, the hotel had just opened and I had completely forgotten which room I  had chosen. So when I checked in, they gave me my room card for Room 601. When I got into the elevator there was no 6th floor and then I realized PH was the 6th floor for PENTHOUSE! OMG. Ha! I had no idea I reserved the Penthouse. In the description of the rooms, it said it had a small outside area which I thought would be lovely. I had no idea that it was a wrap-around small terrace with a daybed for lounging, a small table, and chairs, PLUS a wooden hot tub overlooking the skyline of NYC. The Empire State Building was front and center. Now, you’re thinking, a penthouse, is expensive, right? Yes and no. For NYC prices, this room is worth it. The weather was gorgeous and we sat outside most of the time as the room was very small. In fact, the king-size bed was a shortened version of a standard king as my feet reached the end and we all know how petite I am! As I mentioned, the room is small but the outdoor area is spectacular so go ahead and splurge!



This Middle Eastern restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood is bustling and delish. Plan ahead and make a reservation as this is a top restaurant in the area. Reserve a spot at the counter and see how the chef and staff make the grilled kebabs, the dips, and the Frena Moroccan bread. Save room for the seasonal soft-serve ice cream and sorbet. This place is fun and lively. My kind of place!


Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

It’s funny I’m recommending a bagel place as I normally don’t eat bagels. I’ve never really enjoyed all that bread until this place. WOW! Again, located in the Chelsea neighborhood on 8th between 24th and 25th, this is by far the best bagel place. Not only does it sell a gazillion types of bagels (kettle-boiled) but it also offers so many spreads! I think they put a container of cream cheese on my HUGE bagel. It kept me full the entire day of walking 8 miles! So of course we went back the next day as I was craving the everything bagel with “light” cream cheese. There are egg bagel sandwiches, the Nova bagel with smoked salmon, and the works. Plus, as you can imagine, so much more! A must-try! 


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