Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

It’s Goal Time 

Happy 2022! A fresh new year is a perfect time to pick up an old or new task, hobby, interest, whatever you want to call it! It’s also a great time to create some new goals. They can be small or huge — it’s all up to you! 


Creating your tasks and goals for 2022 doesn’t have to be hard. My advice is to start small. Maybe you’d like to journal what you’re most proud of from 2021 to get inspired? Or learn something new? Whatever it is — the first step is to write it all down. Then, you can start to make your plans. 


For me, I like to jot down all the jobs I’m responsible for throughout the year and designate goals to each one in the hope that most goals will be accomplished. I post it near my work desk for easy viewing and it actually gives me a sense of ease that I have a list to devour.  Plus, it’s really satisfying to accomplish them! 


My biggest goal for 2022 is to play 60 different golf courses starting from the day of my 60th birthday all the way to my 61st. It’s quite a feat but I’m excited to at least try! If you have some golf courses that I should definitely try throughout the year, please let me know. I’ll document along the way to keep you all informed because I KNOW you’re going to want to follow my golf adventures. Ha! 


Hopefully, my golf idea inspires you to create some of your own unique 2022 goals. If you need some help brainstorming, Just Ask! 


Here’s to playing more golf!