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Gift Ideas

Light It Up!

Today is Earth Day and it makes me think about a great gift I received recently. It’s a candle — but not just an ordinary candle. 


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Papa’s Day Gifts

You know your Dad, husband, boyfriend, friend, or father figure way more than I do. So, some of these gift recommendations miggghhhhttt be a little too effeminate. But, trust me, they’re all surely fabulous! 

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Gifts for Everyone!

As your official life stylist, I’m here to remind you that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start shopping for gifts! With so many unique friends and family to shop for it can seem overwhelming—but don’t worry.

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Soaking Spotlight

As I’ve mentioned several times before, taking a hot bath is one of my favorite rituals. I’ve recently discovered three new products that are making my bath routine even more tranquilizing. Ahhh. 

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