Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Golf Gifts for Mom 

If you happened to forget to give a gift to your mother, your bonus mom, or someone special like a mother it’s not too late to show her you care! If you need ideas, Just Ask! There’s no need to scramble. 


And don’t forget — you can shower the moms in your life any day of the year. If they’re a golfer, even better, because I have the perfect gift idea!


Kinona Golf Skirts 

As I was gearing up for a golf trip to a warmer climate, I realized that I needed some golf skirts. I stumbled upon this brand, Kinona. So I thought I would give it a shot. I pitched the idea to a friend and she said, “go fore it!” Get it? Ha!  


The skirts are multi-faceted for the ultimate golfer. On one skirt, there’s a zippered front pocket with places to tap in your tees. Brilliant! On the back of the skirt, there’s a small pocket to place your ball marker. There’s almost no need for a caddie! 


What I love most about these skirts is the range of colors they come in. They have bright fuchsia pink, royal blue with navy and white pinstripes, and a lime green that screams “eagle!” Ha!


Hope to see you and your Mom out on the golf course!