Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Cape Cod Adventures

That arm, that hooked fist, and that elbow known as Cape Cod’s shoreline is a place that should be explored while in the Massachusetts area. Today’s Report focuses on the elbow location. Ha! And as your adventure stylist, I’ll suggest many splendid activities to do there. Looking for more? Just Ask! 


Explore Chatham

This seaside town on the Cape is smack dab on the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are glorious and it’s fun to walk to the Lighthouse Beach near the Chatham Lighthouse. If you’d like to stay here, check out Chatham Bars Inn. Always a treat! Also, try the Wild Goose Tavern and request outdoor seating. It might be hot and humid but that’s the Cape in the summer! If you need outfit ideas, Just Ask! My other favorite, The Chatham Squire, evidently is putting up their shingles so visit soon! Boohoo.


Picnic on Nauset Beach

This is a public beach in Orleans. The waves are huge and the great whites are, too! Eek! Typically, when you see the seals swim close to the shoreline, that means the sharks are close by. I evidenced this on my last beach trip and had quite a ride getting onto the beach. My sister drives a Jeep and if you have a Nauset Beach annual pass and a four-wheeled drive vehicle like she does, there’s a special entrance that lets you drive right on the beach. Just back in and set up your cozy spot! It was magnificent with our canopy tent, cooler and corn hole. What fun we had! Someone forgot to put sunscreen on their ankles and owee-wowie what a sunburn. Ha!


Have a Lobster Bake

You can’t come to the Cape without eating tons of fresh seafood. If you don’t like seafood, then travel to some big meat state instead. Ha! If you enjoy slurping down the freshest and biggest oysters then drive to The Pearl Restaurant overlooking Wellfleet harbor. Super delish! 

In the mood for lobster and steaming it yourself? Head over to Orleans Seafood Market. It’s family-owned and incredibly gracious for your business.

Grab some corn-on-the-cob from a roadside produce market, some potatoes, and chorizo for the lobster bake and you’ll be a happy camper! Lobster bake tips: Eat outside! Spread newspaper or paper bags on a table, pour out the steamed lobster, corn, and potatoes, and dig in. Oh, and don’t forget many bowls of melted butter for all the goodies! I ate so much seafood on this last trip that I think I’m good until my next trip to New England.