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Chew on These 

Ever have the sniffles and freak out that a cold is coming on? Or wake up at two in the morning and unable to get back to sleep? Or, basically fall asleep at your desk at 3pm? Well, I have some great bite-size soft chews to suggest thanks to GOOP!  They can help with pre-cold symptoms. sleepless nights and afternoon fatigue.


Chew #1

For me, sleep is never a huge problem. Especially on airplanes, where I can fall asleep even before take-off! But I do tend to get the occasional sleeplessness at nighttime. So, I’ll take one of the Knock Me Out chews to settle me down into my comfy bed. Surprisingly enough, I sleep a whole lot better. It also helps if you don’t have any Veuve at an event before bedtime, too. Awww shucks! ha! I recommend starting with a half chew to see how you tolerate it. For me, after taking a full chew, I was pretty groggy the next day, which defeats the purpose of a restful sleep. These chews are formulated with melatonin and L-tryptophan and have a chocolate mint flavor. Not too bad! My internist confirms that these are better than taking Ambien. :)



Chew #2

The time change always alters my awakened state. So, the chew I turned to give me some more pep is called, The Nerd Alert. After chewing on of these, I have some energy to keep going! It does have caffeine in it so be careful to not chew this too late in the afternoon or early evening.



Chew #3

Whenever I get the sniffles and feel any hint of a sore throat emerging, I immediately grab a cup of hot water, apple cider vinegar and a packet of Emergen C’. But now I turn to the Perfect Attendance chew. For good immune support, this has organic elderberry extract and EpiCor fermented yeast. If my cold is getting more severe, I’ll take three tablets twice daily of Wellness Formula. Whatever works to keep the body healthy, I’m all over it! 


Sharing is caring. Let me know what herbal supplements you take to keep healthy, focused and not sleep deprived. And if you’d like more recommendations, Just Ask!