Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Four Seasons Firenze

If you’re a Four Seasons Hotel aficionado, you’ve probably heard that the Four Seasons in Florence is their top property out of all their hotels in the world. 


Well, it’s true and what an exquisite location it is! You don’t even need to leave the grounds as its’ beauty of the gardens and park are too good to pass up. 


The sculptures on the property change from time to time and currently, a display of bronze zodiac sculptures by Bjørn Okholm Skaarupare are exhibiting along a pebble stone pathway. As you keep walking, you’ll see the humorous hippo, which I’m sure children just giggle at as they skip by. Be sure not to miss the hidden gazebo when you walk up to another path. There’s so much to gaze at on the grounds of the hotel, that you cannot just stay there for sleep only. Get out and explore!


There is a spacious gym and renown spa with an adjacent pool and hot tub. (Try Villa Cora for another spa experience in Florence, as well!) Plus, there are several cafes nestled outside around the perimeter of the hotel for a Negroni or a Pelligrino.


After you enjoy the entire day outside, it’s the perfect time to go inside where the floral beauty is eye-catching. In one room, there were gorgeous orchids in pots around the salon. In another room, near the Atrium bar, there were the brightest yellow peonies I’ve ever laid eyes on. As I was saying, there’s no reason to leave the hotel because I found so much solace at this place, you really should just soak it all up. You’ll have plenty of time to stroll the streets of Florence on another day! (For a great café off the property, try La Menagere!)


Grab a cocktail or a glass of Prosecco (champagne for me!) at the Atrium bar and it’ll be served alongside gorgeous olives, pieces of Romano cheese, chips, nuts, and even the famous mini tripe sandwich. I have to admit, I couldn’t eat it even though it’s the specialty of Florence. Ha!