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Fun In Phoenix

As part of my 60 new golf course quest, my first out-of-state golfing location was in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. What a blast might I say!


Here’s my #1 recommendation of where to stay and play in Phoenix:


Phoenician Hotel 

I visited here YEARS ago and thought it might be tired by now, but I was pleasantly surprised. I stayed in the main hotel but there’s also the chi-chi Canyon Suites if you’d like a more spacious and quiet living space.


Not me, I wanted the lobby, the Tavern bar, and the restaurants which were fun and lively. Eating at the pool after a round of golf was fantastic, too. I recommend eating at the adult pool for some light Mediterranean bites and yummy grilled shrimp from the Kalio Kabobery menu. The lamb gyro was outstanding, as well. Also try the restaurant Mowry & Cotton, which was perfect for the avocado caesar and the veal meatballs. The 19th Hole is great for a juicy hotdog after a round of golf. My guilty pleasure!


After a round of golf at the Phoenician Golf Club (remember to request Adam as your caddie!) run over to the Phoenician Spa and reserve an artisan golf massage. The amenities at the spa include a hot tub, sauna, and steam, and don’t forget the chocolate-covered cherries as a treat! If you don’t play golf, hike Camelback mountain for an energetic excursion. The Phoenician athletic club is also open 24 hours and free for hotel guests.


If you’re a golfer, grab sandwiches and snacks at the Marketplace (note: egg sandwiches are a no!) and play at either Troon North or Kierland Golf which has 3- 9 hole courses that they interchange daily for your 18 hole pleasure. Book tee times by calling 480-423-2449. 


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