Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Get Into The Summer Swing

Yay! Summer is on its way!  And you know what that means—swimsuits, summer clothes, accessories, shoes and more! 


There are many fun and fashionable things to look forward to when getting summer ready. And, as your wardrobe stylist, I’m here to help you get ready for the season with two great tips. 


Tip #1

I recommend getting a new haircut with a few bright highlights! Feminine headbands are back, so why not find a cute one and show off your new do? Especially if you’re growing out your bangs! I found a great satin Prada headband with a cute little bow on the side, which looks great when worn with jean shorts, a white tee, and sandals. It’s a sweet outfit idea!


Tip #2

For when the evenings still give off a little bit of a chill, don a cute cape over your sundress and you’ll feel fashionably fabulous! There are a variety of capes to choose from whether it’s a light sweater cape, a knit cape or a cape that simply drapes over your shoulders. They’re all great outerwear options perfect for those sunset beach walks.


If you’d like any other summer fashion tips or help to organize your summer wardrobe, Just Ask!