Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Great Contemporary Home Accessory


Nowadays, you go from room to room to mix it up a bit while working from home. But you may not have a comfy spot in each room. Am I right? I found a comfy bean bag chair that you can bring from room to room to fit your needs. It’s called a Moon Pod. And, as your life stylist, I just had to share it with you! 


Basically, it’s a contemporary bean bag chair for adults (and kids, too)! It’s great for small spaces as it’s moldable and as comfortable as a bed. I’m not kidding! Purchase the Moon Pod leg rest and it can be a bed for your next house guest. 


Each Moon Pod comes with a cover in various colors to coordinate with your other furniture pieces. I promise you this is not your typical bean bag chair as it’s chic, cozy and easy to store whether it’s in your garage or closet. Just smush it in and voila, it’s out of sight. Ha! Need help picking the right cover color? Just Ask! 


I even bring mine outside on the deck, but I always place a towel underneath it for cleanliness purposes. This zero-gravity Moon Pod encourages serenity and would make a great holiday gift. 


Time to relax!