Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Healdsburg - Style - Part 1

I recently took a trip to Healdsburg, California, and stumbled upon some fun places, including a modern home goods store. This will be a two-part series because there’s just too much to share for one blog! Ha! 



This store is unique in its’ own right. It’s located in the cute Healdsburg square and sells special pieces for your home. It’s a perfect place for gift shopping, too. I found beautiful napkins, dish towels (that can act as a wrap for a gift - Just Ask!), ceramic bowls, and some gorgeous shrimp cocktail bowls. 


I have a stylish idea for using these dishes to display shrimp cocktails for maybe even tonight! — first, start by purchasing a crystal, two-bowl serving piece. Buy one for each guest at your dinner table. These dishes can be found at Forager, but if you need help finding some other options, Just Ask! 



Big, fat, perfectly cooked, and deveined shrimp from your favorite fishmonger

Any type of cocktail sauce (store-bought or homemade)

Slices of lemon

Fresh curly parsley



In a two-tiered serving bowl, add crushed ice to the bottom big bowl. Insert the small bowl on top and add your favorite cocktail sauce. 


Arrange one shrimp followed by a slice of lemon hooked onto the rim of the bowl and follow with each shrimp and lemon slice all the way around. 


Place a curly piece of parsley in the cocktail sauce for that added extra panache and serve! 


Stylish side note: Forager also has honey and olive oil tastings! This place is an absolute find. 


Part 2 will be the Healdsburg restaurants that I mangé at. So, stay tuned! 


Happy New Year!