Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Holiday Outdoor Decor

All we’re doing these days is just hanging around inside of the house. It’s time to get outside! So why not spruce up your outdoor living space for the holidays?


First things first, get a handy man or find someone who is handy to help with these new improvements. 


1) If you have a deck, get it stained or re-painted.


2) Move potted plants that have been positioned around your yard or property onto your deck or patio. 


3) Add hanging flower baskets from the back of your house.


4) Pitch that old grill and get a new one! Add an aluminum table with an underneath shelf for your new mini fridge (think champers!) and station a cute high top table near the BBQ for your friends to keep you company while you’re grilling. Great concept, right? If you need help planning an outdoor BBQ set up, Just Ask! 


5) Add cafe lights strewn around trees in your backyard for a grand illumination! Also, add uplighting to all of your tall potted plants, trees and bushes.

Making an outdoor living space a bit more enjoyable makes it much more manageable versus staying indoors Zooming all the time. Right?


6) And for those who have colder temperatures, buy an inexpensive fire pit and a heater to warm you up. Remember blankets, too. Be creative. I’m here to help! So, Just Ask! 


A mini outdoor makeover would be a great gift for the family!