Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

How To Store Holiday Décor

I hope this holiday season brought happiness and relief from all the goings on from this past year. It has been a tough one to say the least, but hopefully you had some fun this holiday season with loved ones. 


With the New Year just right around the corner, why not set a precedent and be more organized in 2021? A great place to begin is with all of those holiday decorations!  


Here are some tips on storing holiday décor: 


Buy reusable plastic bins and label each bin by room. Place each room’s holiday decorations in these bins for easy access. Purchase a label maker like the P-Touch by Brother. I use 3-4 bins just for my Christmas tree alone for all of the lights, ribbons, ornaments, moss branches, red silk berries and more! 

Take photos of how you decorated each room, table, balcony, staircase, front door, countertop, etc. Print  and place them into each of the holiday storage boxes so that you can be prepared for next year with your creative decorating. This will take away the agony of remembering how and what to decorate each year. Phew! 

Buy tissue paper to wrap all of the ornaments, angels, curly ribbon, scented candles, colorful nutcrackers, handmade stockings and other holiday décor to keep them safe and nice looking for years to come.

Throw out all and any broken ornaments, hanging hooks or lights that don’t work anymore. 

Donate décor that you don’t prefer using anymore. One person's trash could be someone else’s treasure!

Store the bins in an attic, garage, basement or someplace out of sight and out of mind until the next holiday season — when you’ll be much more organized and prepared! 


My holiday decorating creations differ from year to year. I  use the same holiday decorations, but in other rooms or in other combinations to spice things up. It’s how my creative brain works. Nothing is decorated the same except for decorating with the same products. Living in the moment, baby! If you need some holiday decor tips or help figuring out what to buy, Just Ask! 


Happy Holidays and Happy Storing!