Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Independence Day Décor

Having a get-together and need to create a place setting pretty enough to eat for the Fourth of July? Well, I have a great idea to share with you! As your life stylist, I recommend putting this place setting in the middle of a plate for each guest. Make sure you have the grill or fire pit ready for roasting later! 


Here’s what you do:


Items You’ll Need 

Wooden skewer sticks


Chocolate bars (I use  regular size Hershey’s candy bars)

Whole strawberries

Graham crackers

Small bowl

Tiny rubber bands 

Red, white and blue ribbon 


I bet you’ve guessed already, and, you’re right! It’s a s’mores surprise! Ha! 



Skewer marshmallows on to 4 - 6” wooden sticks.

Break chocolate bars in half at the seam so it is long versus little squares.

Break graham crackers in the same way.

Gather the marshmallow skewers and wrap it with a tiny rubber band at the bottom to hold them together.

Place some marshmallows at the bottom of the bowl and stick the wooden marshmallow skewers into the marshmallows so they stick straight up and are sturdy. 

Add a graham cracker then a chocolate bar continuing all around the bowl.

Add strawberries in places where there’s a space so the arrangement is secure. You don’t want the skewers to topple. 

Tie the bottom of the bowl with a red, white, and blue ribbon and voilå, dessert and a festive place setting to start off the Fourth of July celebration å la Robin style!



Torch up the grill and let those marshmallows melt! Yum! Be safe and well. And if you need some help putting these together, Just Ask!