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Kool Kabobs

Omg, no more masks? Whatttt? I’ll still be wearing mine when appropriate, but boy is it freeing! 


It also means it’s time to partayyy as the 4th rolls around the corner. I have a cool veggie/fruit combo kabob recipe just waiting for you to try! To be honest, the magic is all in the prep when grilling the vegetables. It’s important to marinate them ahead of time, this makes them tender and not so tough to munch on. And don’t forget some dipping sauces on the side to make them incredibly delectable. Yum! If you need some other recipes to help you celebrate Independence Day, Just Ask! 


Veggie Marinade Recipe



1-2 Tbsp. EVOO (aka extra-virgin olive oil. Remember, it’s “the good stuff!”) 

1 lemon, lime, or a drizzle of champagne vinegar

A dash of Tamari soy sauce or miso



In a mixing bowl add the olive oil, squeeze in an entire lemon or lime (or drizzle in some vinegar) and then toss in some soy sauce or miso. 

Stir and it’s ready for marinating the veggies. Easy! 


You can grill all types of vegetables like small red potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and green beans. But the secret is to cook the hardier veggies that I just mentioned a little bit first by roasting or steaming them. After making your kabobs, marinate them for 20 minutes then throw them on the grill. Delish!


For dipping sauces, simply use the above marinade and add yogurt with fresh herbs like oregano or parsley. Or even better, use my chimichurri sauce recipe. (Link to For some spiciness, add in some chiles.


For grilling fresh fruit, why not try blueberries, peaches, oranges, or grapefruit? 

For delicate or small fruit like the blueberries, it’s important to use a grill basket to slightly toss them. Sprinkle these grilled babies over the veggies! 

For the citrus fruits, cut in half and add directly on the grate for those fun grill lines. Squeeze into your salad dressings or over your grilled veggies. 

For the peaches, just grill to your liking. I’m salivating just writing this!



Enjoy your holiday!