Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Ladies’ Night Birthday Fiesta 

Oh, yes, it’s ladies’ night and the feeling’s right. Have you started to boogie yet to this Kool and the Gang classic? I have! Ha! As your event stylist, I have a fun steppin’ out idea for your next sophisticated ladies’  night. Of course, after Shelter-in-Place has been lifted!


Here’s how to make this a birthday to remember for one of your friends. 


Step 1) Figure out which friend’s birthday is next on the calendar. Choose a date and time to celebrate her.


Step 2) Choose a fun Mexican food restaurant. I love Reposado’s in Palo Alto, California. 


Step 3) Make a reservation. 


Step 4) Send each guest a fun invitation with the fiesta theme. If you need help with this, Just Ask! 


Step 5) Get to the restaurant early to decorate. Order Mexican style hat lollipops from a confectioner store or any place that sells decor. Place them by each place setting for a fun and fashionable touch. No boring birthday party hats at this fiesta—buy sombreros in bright colors and hand them out to all of your guests to wear at dinner. You can also organize ahead of time with the server to bring out a tray of tequila shots for all of your friends because oh yes, it’s ladies’  night! Ha! 


For bonus party planning points, hire a mariachi band and dance the night away! Don’t forget to post pics and tag me so I can see all the fun! 


If you need help with steppin’ out for a ladies’  night in a fun and fabulous customized theme, Just Ask!



Oh, what a night…