Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

The Laub Wedge

Do you have any new hobbies you’re going to take up this new year? It’s a great time to try something you’ve been interested in. Need some ideas? Just Ask! 


Well, as you know, I’ve taken up golf and I have a new club to add to my growing golf club collection. It’s called the lob wedge. But for me, it’s called, The Laub Wedge. Ha!


Since I’m still considered a beginner in this great game of golf, I always need some extra help getting out of the sand. My golf instructor, Kristin Walla of Walla Golf who continuously says, "golf doesn't have to be hard" gave me a lesson with this club called the Sure Out 2 Wedge — a 58 degree Callaway lob wedge. It’s guaranteed to be a “sure out” of the bunker every time. Ha! You simply have to remember all the exact essential techniques to get that ball out of the sand in one stroke. 


This club is best used when the pin is close to the bunker so the lob wedge can get your ball up and over the trouble area. Adding a higher-lofted wedge like a lob wedge will ensure that you don’t spend too much time in the sand. I highly recommend it!  


It’s a sure thing!