Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Let Me Plant A Seed

Rhode Island is full of surprises. One surprise was a restaurant I recently visited called Plant City located in the heart of Providence. It has a great backstory, too! 


It just so happens that my childhood friend, Kim Sprague Anderson, is the Creator/Co-Founder of Plant City. Kim was always a go-getter, an entrepreneur of sorts, and owned a store in my hometown of Barrington called Teapots and Tassels, for 15 years. I loved her home goods store and would usually drop in to buy something for my mother. Then I learned (via Facebook!) that she was interested in the human and environmental health impacts of harmful chemicals in everyday products alongside her daughter, Ava. Long story short, she’s now responsible for the world's first plant-based vegan food hall and marketplace! 


I was lucky enough to dine there during my last trip to Rhode Island. All I can say is WOW! We dined at the food hall’s Mexican restaurant called Besina. You would never know that the nachos were vegan. They were absolutely delicious! 


The indoor and outdoor décor of the marketplace and restaurant was so cool! It’s a must-visit when in Rhode Island. I’m so proud of my friend, doing such wonderful things for the environment and for our bodies! As your life stylist, I encourage you to visit the amazing Plant City and tell all of your friends about it. Let me know if you’d like any other Rhode Island suggestions — all you have to do is Just Ask! 


Bravo to you, Kim!