Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Mana Country - Part 2

Our Mana journey starts in Moorea. After flying into Papeete, take a quick flight from Fa’a’a International Airport to the domestic airport in Moorea, which is basically just an airstrip. Yikes!


I stayed at the Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort. Yes, in those cute little bungalow huts hovering over the blue-green crystalline water. What a treat! The room even had a glass bottom viewing area carved out of the bedroom floor to gaze at the colorful fish that swam below. Outside our door was not only the lagoon but also Mont Rotui. This is the sacred mountain of Ancient Polynesians and where I felt the mana energy.


There was so much to do and yet relaxation was at the top of my list. I would snorkel off my own dock, rinse off with the outdoor shower, wake up to beautiful sunrises and take in the spectacular viewpoints. The jet lag massage upon arrival is a must! What’s a resort without a spa? Need some other spa treatment ideas? Just Ask! 


Don’t miss a trip to the Tiki Village . This is a cultural center where I ate traditional Moorean foods and experienced the pit pig roasting underground. I wasn’t a huge fan, but everyone else thought it was yummy! Then it was time for entertainment with traditional Tahitian music and dance in an open-air theater. The fire and swords show was highly charged and boy do those Tahitian girls know how to sway their hips! I loved the ending of the twirling torches. Magnificent!


Plan a hike to view a beautiful waterfall and learn about the vegetation along the trekking path. I was guided by Tracy of Moorea VIP Tours (you can contact her here: who was the ideal leader who stopped along the way and explained about her land and how they’re so proud of protecting it. They’re in the process of opening a cooking school where they’ll be growing all the necessary food items for the degustation fare. When I reached the Afareaitu waterfall, it was time to jump in. I’m so glad that I wasn’t aware of the big, long, black eels that were swimming too. Phew! 


The beach at the hotel was magical. I paddle boarded and snorkeled from the shore. Pick up anything you’d like at the Diving Center for any water activity. Make sure you wear your water shoes to save your feet from the rocks and coral. Snorkeling is a must especially when you see a stingray or two and the lagoon fishes. 


At the Sofitel resort, you can dine on the beach, drink at the Beach Bar or Vue Bar or enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Pure or K Restaurant. K? 


One fun fact. Always wanted to get a tattoo? Well, in Moorea, a tattoo is a traditional form of social and cultural recognition and expression as a rite of passage into adulthood. The esthetic look of a tattoo is more important these days than the symbolism.


Ready for Bora Bora? One very important traveling tip to note. When flying from Moorea to Bora Bora, sit on the left side of the plane for the incredible views.


Stay tuned for Part 3!