Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Mana Country — Part 3

A man from Moorea said to me, “Did you know that Bora Bora means boring, boring?” Ha! Let me tell you, Bora Bora is anything but boring, and let me tell you why.


My flight from Moorea to Bora Bora was gorgeous as I sat on the left side of the plane to gaze at the spectacular views of the Polynesian Islands. As the plane slid down the airstrip after the 45-minute flight, I was kindly greeted by a hotel staff member to whisk me off by boat to the luxurious Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort. I was lucky enough to stay in a deluxe overwater villa, which I highly recommend as the scenery from the room is absolutely stunning. Talk about blissful. Definitely not boring! This place was located on a private island, Motu To’opua with a backdrop of Mount Otemanu, which took my breath away and I felt the Mana energy immediately. But the energy was different. It was more of a frenetic (in a good way) energy that kept me mesmerized. 


The dining choices were aplenty. I ate at the French restaurant called Iriatai which boasted an outstanding wine list and the roast chicken was super! (Said with a French accent. Mais bien sur!) There was the typical swim-up bar restaurant but at the main welcoming villa, The Upa Upa Bar had a cool vibe and the most delicious sushi. But my favorite restaurant on this French Polynesian island of Bora Bora was the Asian restaurant called Banyan. My hot and sour soup was like one I had slurped in Shanghai. Trés, trés bien! I did, however, venture off the island and had dinner at the famous Bloody Mary’s Restaurant . It was good and reminded me of being in Cabo with my feet in the sand while dining. I ordered the daily catch.


There were many activities on this not-so-boring island. I started off one morning with a private yoga class followed by a massage given with Tahitian vanilla oil at the Hina Spa. I also snorkeled and even swam with the sharks! To be honest, I was the last one standing on the boat. I couldn’t move when I saw at least 25 black tip reef sharks circling the boat. Yikes! The adorable guide from Moana Adventure Tours said in his French Polynesian accent, “Please take my hand. I promise you, that they will not harm you.” Wide-eyed and giddy, I jumped in! It was fascinating. When one would swim right towards me, I would breathe calmly and snorkel away. Wow, what a rush! I also swam with the stingrays and eagle rays. Close to the coral gardens, I saw a huge moray eel. Now, that one was not a pretty sight and was frightening-looking. Ha! 


If you’d like to visit another fabulous French Polynesian island, try the private Marlon Brando, Tetiaroa. Another sacred place. I have plenty of travel tips to share — Just Ask!