Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Mask Accessory

I hope you’re all staying safe and making the best of these COVID-19 times. It certainly has put a scary twist into our lives.


Masks are essential, so why not find some cute ones to match your outfits? 


As your life stylist, I have a great tip for you! I’ve had my tailor take the fabric from clothing items that I’ve had hemmed and asked her to make masks out of the extra fabric. One has to stay stylish during these times, right? Plus, recycling is always in style. 


And, while you’re masking-up, I recommend adding a great accessory  to keep your mask attached to you at all times. It’s a simple little chain that you hook on to your mask. It’s great for when you’re on a walk or hike and don’t need to wear it unless other walkers/hikers cross your path. All you do is bring the mask up to your face instead of grabbing it from your pocket, bag or other holder and slap it on. It’s a brilliant idea. I found mine on Etsy, but there are many other vendors to choose from. If you need any help finding the perfect mask or chain, Just Ask!


Stay safe and Happy Halloween!