Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Multiversity for Mother's Day

Don’t forget—Mother’s Day is on May 12th. As your adventure stylist, I have a unique gift experience idea for your mother, mother-in-law, a friend who’s like a mother and any other mothers in your life to make it a very special day. 


Book a stay at 1440 Multiversity, which is located close to Santa Cruz, California on a gorgeous property populated with enormous redwood trees. This relaxing campus is filled with opportunities and activities to soak up the calmness in the air.


I highly recommend that you check in at your earliest convenience, which is normally at 2 p.m. on the day of your arrival so that you can enjoy a nice nature walk and participate in the activities at 5 p.m. I chose a Chinese martial arts movement class called qigong (pronounced Chee-gong). I call it meditation in movement. It was a rewarding introduction to a peaceful time on the campus.


There are various activities and workshops to choose from. Every day is different, so I recommend obtaining a schedule of events prior to your arrival. Look on their website for a workshop that meets your fancy. Besides the planned activities, there’s plenty to do such as hiking the numerous trails (Trail maps of the 75 acres are provided at the front desk in the lodge) on and off the property, meditation, yoga, dance, tai chi and qigong. After a busy day, it’s the perfect time to head to the Healing Arts building to enjoy the infinity pool and even a body treatment. 


The rooms are small but comfortable with views of the redwood trees or of the quaint campus. Get ready to unplug, because there aren’t any TVs. If you really want to stay present and focus on the moment, don’t bring your iPad or laptop. Try to immerse yourself with your mama guest in the essence of this stillness.


All of your meals are included in the price of your room. The cafeteria-style dining facility is decorated in a rustic way that David Allen designed exceptionally well. The light fixtures throughout the multiple buildings are phenomenal. Oh, and the food is delicious and mostly plant-based with some meat options all crafted on-site. If you miss the appointed meal times, grab an açai bowl or a homemade cranberry muffin for breakfast, or one of their specially-made salads for lunch. If you’d like to drink an alcoholic beverage in front of one their fire pits on the outdoor patio, the cafe also serves wine and beer! All delish!


What a treat for your someone special on Mother’s Day!