Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Must Do’s in NYC

Now that NYC is back in full swing, I have some physical and fun activities for you to enjoy on your next trip to the big apple!


1) Row Boating in Central Park 

In all the years that I’ve visited NYC, not once have I rented a boat at The Loeb (not Laub! Ha!) Boathouse. Until this last trip. It was a partially cloudy day so it was perfect for photos and for not waiting in a long line for the rentals. It was super peaceful and beautiful. Bring cash and always tip the people who heave-ho you out into the water! 


2) Walking The High Line 

This is always a pleasurable walk to view the NYC skyline and drop off into various neighborhoods along the way.


3) Hanging Out On The Edge 

If you’re afraid of heights, this is a MUST DO! Ha! No, but still try it and venture out onto the highest outdoor roof deck in NYC to take in all of the spectacular buildings, neighborhoods, and rivers. It’s quite a trip! It’s pricey so know that ahead of time when buying tickets and don’t forget the get the champagne bundle! Take a risk and enjoy living on the EDGE.


4) Relaxing at The Gloss Lab 

Yes, it’s a manicure place! There are three locations in NYC. I was manicured at the West Village salon. It was incredibly clean and your vaccination card gets you an appointment! All the more reason to get fully vaccinated!


As your adventure stylist, I want you to have an amazing time wherever you go — so, if you’re looking for more ideas, Just Ask! 


Now, go have some fun!