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My Current Faves - Beauty

Earlier this year, I shared some beauty products I was loving. Well, I’m back with more! 


I have three beauty products to recommend that I can’t live without and one of them you’ll have a belly laugh with. It’s a bit hokey but I love it! 


Lip Balm

My lips are forever dry from the elements or just because. Ha! So I’m always in search of a great nourishing lip balm. My new find is the GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm by Goop Beauty. I stock up and put one in my travel bag, golf bag, purse, and car. 


Eye Balm

It’s important to hydrate the skin below the eyes. The product I recommend today is Equilibrium Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm by Hourglass. It’s a greasy, intensive eye balm, so beware. In fact, for my dry skin, I slather it all over my face at nighttime. Some might say that’s a no-no but I say it’s a yes-yes! Ha! 


Navel Therapy Oil

Okay, this is the crazy-sounding product that was aforementioned. Body Balancing Navel Therapy Oil is an oil by UMA (love their products!) that you place on your belly button right before you go to sleep at night. It’s handcrafted to reignite the body’s Agni or digestive fire. To avoid any staining of your pj’s, use a q-tip on the belly button and leave the oil on overnight. This oil is a miracle worker! The best part of these UMA products is that the company is founded and run by women! Plus, they’re organic! 



If you’re on the hunt for a certain type of beauty product for yourself or a gift, Just Ask! I can help. 


Take good care!