Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

National Picnic Day

June 18th was National Picnic Day! And who loves picnics more than me??? Nobody! Ha! I love preparing them, setting them up, and ultimately, pleasing my loved ones. Remember picnic food doesn’t all have to be homemade. Some of my finest picnics have been store-bought because of the preparation, the presentation, and the amenities. 


As your life stylist, I’ve got some great ideas for packing a creative and cute picnic.


What you’ll need:


A thoughtful plan ahead of time.

A location: beach, grassy park, forest floor, bench, picnic table, canoe, riverbed, or even the back of a pick-up truck. The picnic places are endless.

Great weather. 

A big blanket or several blankets.

Beverages: a bottle of wine and a wine opener. For me? Just champagne, please! Water is essential, too.

Any type of basket or hamper for the food and utensils. Wicker, straw, plastic, woven, or wooden. Be creative and fun with your choice.

A frisbee or fun game to play. 

Food that you love: sandwiches, cheeses, and all the accompaniments, fresh salads, fresh berries and fruit, homemade cookies or brownies. Ask your friends to bring a dish and have fun sharing. 

Reusable plates, glasses, utensils, and napkins.

An icepack for perishables such as for the cheeses.

Table decorations such as some wildflowers in vases. 

A portable speaker for playing John Mayer songs. 

Trash bags to help you clean up. 

Bugs, birds, squirrels oh my! To defy all the elements, be prepared and bring some mesh coverings for the food. And bring bug spray just in case.

A good hearty appetite. Everything tastes better outdoors! 


If you need some help coming up with a plan or menu, Just Ask! 



Going on picnics is like falling in love. I guess I better go on more picnics. Ha!