Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

New Spa, New Treatment in Croatia

Think back to the last time you used a ballpoint pen. Did you know it was invented by a Mr. Penkala from Croatia? Croats call a pen a “penkala” for those who are Crossword aficionados! But I digress…


I’d like to share a new treatment I was offered at The Villa Spa at Hotel Villa Dubrovnik in Croatia. For all hotel guests, the Villa Dubrovnik provides a complimentary treatment called The Villa Spa Diamond System.


It’s a cocoon-like waterbed treatment with a half cover top combined with chromotherapy to reduce any stress or anxiety. Don’t feel as if you need the cover over the top half of your body if you don’t like that closed-in feeling. You’ll still get the maximum benefits of the various colors synchronized with music to calm your body. It prepped me for a relaxing Swedish massage. Side note: Chromotherapy (aka color therapy) is the science of using colors,  which work with your body’s vibrations to provide you with different feelings. Do some research and see if it’s for you. 


While at the spa, don’t miss the indoor swimming pool with glass doors, which open out to the shimmering blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and breathtaking views of the Old City. 


I have another Croatia fact for you. Did you know that the Dalmatian dog was named after the Dalmatian Coast? I jokingly asked our guide if the Dalmatian dog was from Croatia and he proudly assured me it was! Ha! Those Croats are so proud of every bit of their country’s history. It’s sweet and refreshing (except for their corrupt politics but I’m not going there!)!


Enjoy the spa and the city of Dubrovnik — it’s one of the most spectacular stone-built cities in the world! And if you’d like help planning a Croatian adventure, Just Ask!