Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Outdoor Patio Party Ideas — Part 2

Now that you have the catering and the food taken care of for your outdoor bash, it’s time to start thinking about entertainment. If you have a small backyard or patio with many neighbors around I have a great suggestion. A Silent Disco!




What is Silent Disco you ask? Well, if you’re concerned about a noise violation at your patio party this is a great way to dance the night away! 


This fun idea involves all of your guests wearing wireless headphones that connect to wireless transmitters. You can choose how many DJs you’d like to spin the tunes as the Silent Sound System broadcasts different music channels for your dancing friends to switch to. So those who like EDM can hear their favorite artists while others might be dancing to rap or rock-n-roll. There’s something for every musical taste!  


It’s a cool concept and your guest’s headphones change color between red, green, and blue to let your dancing guests know which channel they’re listening (and dancing) to. If there’s a lot of jumping up and down, just switch your channel to tune in to which color they’re listening to and jump along with them. 


This might seem odd at first but it’s a great party pleaser! It also helps those who may have hard of hearing in a big group have a great time. I highly recommend hiring Quiet Events. They’re top-notch and on the disco ball! And as always, if you need some help planning more entertainment, Just Ask! 


Turn it up and stay tuned for an illuminating Part 3.