Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Papa’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, a nice gift for your papa or someone who is like a papa to you is what you need to put on your to-do list! But what do you buy for a guy who has everything? 


I recommend figuring out their hobbies or any specific activities they like to do and thinking about adding some clothes or accessories to them. I can help you choose any type of gift for the father in your life—Just Ask! But, for today’s Report, I’m going to suggest golf clothes.  


I have three pieces of clothing that will look great on any man who swings a club—even for the golfer who has everything. Or, for a guy who would like to get into the sport. 


The key to tuning up a man’s golf attire? Nike! 


A good golfer should always look the part on the course and have these three specific pieces in their closet: 


1) Windbreaker 

Check out the Hypershield Jacket Hyperadapt. It’s wind and rain repellent with enough room for movement so your papa can swing his clubs with ease.


2) Slim golf pants 

BEG the dads in your life to donate those pleated baggy khaki pants and try the 

men's Slim Fit 5-Pocket Golf Pants. They’re stylish on and off the golf course. 


3) Polo shirt

On the Dry-FIT striped polo shirt, the stripes are just bold and wide enough to showcase this dynamite shirt. 


And for the golfer who has every type of golf accessory, have him fitted for a new sand wedge so he can make it look effortless while cracking that ball out of the bunker. Remind him to keep his weight on the front foot, keep the ball forward in his stance, keep the face of the club open and release the club for a perfect shot. Now, if only I could practice what I preach! Ha! Watch this video for more golfing tips!


Happy Father’s Day!