Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Sonoma Winery and Sculptures

Heading to the San Francisco Bay Area wine country and have no idea where to begin? Well, stop right here. As your adventure stylist, I have some must-see sights for you to enjoy.  


I highly recommend a visit to The Donum Estate in Sonoma. But don’t just plan on showing up, a visit is by reservation only. The beauty of this winery is not only the exquisite tasting Pinot Noirs (among the highest rated in California!), but the property is also adorned by the highest quality of incredibly artistic sculptures by world-famous artists. Who knew?! 


I was fortunate enough to meet some of these world class artists at The Donum Estate’s special opening for SF Moma members and drink their delicious wines. These are some of my favorite pieces in their collection: 


Richard Hudson’s Love Me; the huge mirrored heart at the top of the hill, which reflects the winery landscape from all sides. How they installed this ginormous sculpture is beyond me, but it’s surely an outstanding piece. 


Morning Glory; the bamboo and rattan sculpture by Sopheap Pich in all its’ glory. 


Jeppe Hein’s One Two Three; the youthful and emotional mirrored sculpture which brings a meditative, whimsical and fun-loving energy to the property.


Yue Minjun’s Contemporary Terracotta Warriors. All of his works make you smile! 


Douglas White’s Black Palm. Don’t miss it on the path entering the wine tasting room. 


The Circle of Animals/Zodiac by Ai Weiwei. 


Allan and Mei Warburg, the majority owners of The Donum Estate, truly understand the passion for great wine and great art. What a wonderful gift they’ve offered to visitors. Who doesn’t love the combo of art and wine? Why not join as a member of Donum and reap all the benefits? If you’d like me to plan a visit for you, Just Ask!


“Wine can instill a moment of inspiration or madness. Art can do the same.”

—Ai Weiwei