Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Spring Refresh

I love the spring. It energizes me. What I also love about the spring is that I’m able to refresh certain rooms with simple décor items. As your life stylist, I’ve got some recommendations to help you do a spring refresh at home. Or, leave the refreshing up to me and Just Ask. I’m happy to help! 


My top two ways to give rooms in your home a new look for spring? Rugs and art! 



Swap out an old rug with a new one. We had a family room rug that had seen a lot of traffic both by humans and sweet pets. However, it was time to say bu-bye! I bought a smaller and brighter colored rug, which brightens up the room and gives a different dimension to the size of the space. I just love it!



Over the past several years I’ve been collecting art pieces. The great thing about paintings and sculptures is that you can move things around from different rooms to give the space an entirely different perspective. With the help of an art gallery director, this is exactly what I did. This instant refresh was exactly what some of our rooms needed. For instance, I had a sketch in the hallway and people missed it walking out the door. So, we placed it in the kitchen (it’s a bowl of cherries!) and it has given me such joy having it be in that space. Try it out. Move your artwork around to different walls. See what happens.


What are you waiting for? Give your home an instant refresh today!