Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

The Word Around Town

A friend of mine in my Wine and Spirits Committee suggested I try out this new place in town. San Mateo, California that is. It’s called Wunderbar


It’s a speakeasy bar that opened in December and you can only know about it by word of mouth. So this is your in! 


A reservation is required. The address is at a restaurant called Wursthall, but when you check in with the host tell them you have a reservation at Wunderbar. Then they’ll tell you to go downstairs by following the white rabbit. At the bottom of the stairs, there’s a door and you need to rub the rabbit’s tummy. The door slowly opens and you’ll enter into a dark, cool bar with high tops, tables, and a long bar. 


The cocktails are very creative. You can order from the stack of cards with traditional cocktails or they have their own version of the cocktail if you flip the card over. I ordered a French 75 the traditional way and it made me feel giddy with the first sip. (It’s not hard for me to get giddy though. Ha!)


So now you have the inside San Mateo scoop by “word of mouth” from your life stylist. Looking for even more fun places? Just Ask! 


Have fun!