Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Do You Dry Brush?

No, I don’t mean that you brush your teeth without any toothpaste, silly! Dry brushing is a morning ritual that will awaken the senses and support your lymphatic system. It helps with reducing cellulite, too! Wow! 


For my dry brush ritual, there are two products that I use interchangeably.


1) Dry Brush 

This tool works well, however, make sure you find one where the bristles aren’t too stiff and one made from a natural fiber. Brush those toxins away in an upward sweeping motion. It does a body good!


2) Stimulite Honeycomb Bath Mitt 

This mitt is my preferred way of stimulating the skin each morning. I first start with brushing upwards on the sides of my neck, which is soothing, and then I brush upwards on both sides of my lower legs. If those are the only two places I massage, I feel energized. Try it!


I also recommend getting a massage and adding a dry brush amenity to the treatment to help eliminate the toxins in your body. I highly suggest getting a dry brushing treatment at Senspa — request Maki Walsh, she’s the tops! If you’d like some more spa recommendations, Just Ask! 



Unclog those pores!