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Summer Road Trips

It’s highly doubtful I’ll be taking a plane ride anytime soon, but I do have the travel bug (as you all know from all of my adventure trip posts). So, I think it’s time to talk about summer road trips and what to pack! 


Living in Northern California provides great opportunities for jumping in the car and exploring various places along coastal Highway 1 for adventures like hiking. When hotels start to open up jump on the bandwagon and make a reservation or reserve an airstream at a park. If you need help planning, Just Ask


Essentials to pack in your car:


Tent and the necessary tools needed to set it up (As you can see, I have no clue because a tent is not for me! Ha!)

Perishable food you plan on eating immediately in the car 

Non-perishable food in an insulated cooler with ice (Plan ahead with which meals you’ll be eating on the road, so you’ll be prepared with all the condiments!)

Recyclable plates, cups, and utensils

Blankets and beach towels

Personal hygiene items 

Bug spray, sunscreen, moleskin/blister band-aids, first aid kit including antibiotic and cortisone cream, Tylenol


Face mask and plastic gloves



Lip balm

Water bottle



Swimsuit (I have some fun and fashionable ideas, Just Ask!



Long hiking pants/joggers/sweatpants



Hiking boots

Moisture-wicking hiking socks (bring extra!)

Chargers for all of your technology


Ziplock bags

Trash bags


Try to pack as lightly as possible. But don’t forget to pack champagne and more champagne on ice! This will be the heaviest and most essential item to pack to make your adventure feel a little more special. Ha!


From San Francisco, just head south on Highway 1 (not the easiest to drive but the most beautiful!) and stop along the way at one (or all!) of these fabulous spots:


Half Moon Bay

Santa Cruz




Big Sur

McWay Falls

Santa Barbara


Adventure note: You can download the AllTrails app to find the best hiking trails with the best views.


Happy road tripping!