Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

Tips To Organize

I’m an organization freak. I love to organize. It gives me energy to get things in order. It’s a practice, and like anything else you just have to start somewhere. So why not start now?


As your life stylist, I have some tips to inspire you. 


1) Start with the kitchen junk drawer. 

Put on some fun music or listen to your favorite podcast and start throwing away broken rubber bands, pens with no more ink, highlighters that have dried up, paper clips that no longer clip, etc. Throw out those receipts and small bits of paper that mean nothing. Figure it out and clean out that drawer. If it takes a week, who cares, at least you have accomplished cleaning one drawer. After the drawer is organized, purchase shelf liner paper to cover the bottom of the drawer to give it a clean appearance. Place back only the newer pens, pencils, note pads, and other usable items. 


2) Move on to other drawers. 

Now, take the junk drawer tip and try it with your other drawers. Then go into each room and organize those drawers and cabinets. 


3) Venture into the closets. 

Oh no! But oh yes, you got this! Read my blog about my process of organizing your wardrobe closet with DASK. This could take weeks even months so please be good to yourself and be patient OR just hire me! I love organizing! Ha! But you need to be prepared to get rid of clothes that no longer are in style, don’t fit, or have rips and tears. It’s best to donate clothes that no longer suit you. Yes, alterations are a possibility but try to weed through those clothes and make it a game as to how many pieces you can give away! You’ll feel so much better when you complete this process.


4) Toss 10 a day. 

My biggest daily tip is to throw away 10 things. It could be a scrap of paper, an old sock, a broken pencil. The best way to tackle this is to start slow and you’ll see how much better you will feel without all of the clutter. Once it’s hard to find 10 things, you’ll know you’re doing a great job! 


Go from room to room, hit the garage, organize your car, your office, you name it. A clean room is a clean mind.


Need help? Have questions? Just Ask!