Robin Laub, a Life Stylist

What’s in Robin’s Fridge?

If you’re a true fan of this blog, then you know I love creating fun new ideas out of whatever I can find in my fridge. Wasting yummy things is so not in style! 


This week, I created a delish meal with leftovers that was done in a cinch!


Leftover Ingredients From My Fridge

For the Salad:

Chinese Chicken Salad



Marinated grilled olives

Broken pieces of pita chips (with sea salt)

Dried cranberry and roasted nut blend mix (Trader Joe’s has a good one!)

Salad dressing (you can use your favorite) 


For the Bread:

Sourdough bread slices 

The Blend by Kinders 

Grated parmesan cheese


For Dessert:





Mix all the salad ingredients together.

Toast the sourdough slices with olive oil, a sprinkle of The Blend, and grated parmesan cheese. Let the cheese turn a golden brown.

Slice an apple and top with leftover blueberries for your dessert.


Now, you have a delicious meal in seconds and it didn’t cost a thing! It’s so much fun to experiment with leftovers. In fact, it’s a favorite pastime of mine.  Ha! 


Now, what’s in your fridge?